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Mega Joker Slot play online for free

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The Mega Joker slot is a game from NetEnt and it occupies a lofty position as a high paying slot available online. It may follow the old 3 reel style, but it can provide amazing results since there is an amazing player payout percentage waiting at the end of the game. Unlike some of the complicated slot games available online nowadays, Mega Joker game is extremely simple and this is one of the reasons behind its popularity. This game is more of gamble oriented since the player risks the earnings for a substantial profit in the second section.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: November 25, 2015
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 0.01per line
  • •Max. bet: 2 per line
  • •Payout %: 96%

Basics of Mega Joker Slot Game

Mega Joker contains of two sections with the lower providing decent returns, which can then be used to secure an amazing return in the upper section. The choice to compete in the upper section – or the Super Meter mode – is entirely within the player, who can opt to collect the earnings if he successfully matches a row of three pictures. The pictures may be anything amongst the likes of Joker, watermelon, cherries, and so on. In opting for such traditional pictures, Mega Joker tries to invoke the youngster in each player.

Payout and the Stakes on Mega Joker

Mega Joker comes with five paylines, which are optional, with the freedom to choose between one or two coins for each line in the spin. Opting for the two-coin spin provides access to a special return table, which will be available on the right side of the slot machine.

The minimum coin value is a small 0.01, which is a great thing considering that many struggle to maintain minimum bets and have to opt out of games as a result. The ability to set such a minimum value ensures that players can sustain in the Mega Joker games for long. The maximum coin setting is limited to 0.20 for each spin. For those opting for a two coin game in the lower section, the potential payout comes to 2000 coins. However, the presence of progressive jackpot feature means that the player’s winning does not have a prescribed limit and can go on as far as the player is willing to risk their earnings.

Mega Joker is claimed to have one of the highest player payout percentages amongst slot machines. It stands at a whopping 99%, although only experienced strategists can achieve such a high percentage. These being said, if the jackpot is what you're after, know that you need to be playing in regular mode to land it and you have to deactivate any bonuses. You also need to play using the highest coin size.

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